Yoga Time with a Cute Chihuahua (video transcript)

This cute chihuahua Pancho has a special connection with his owner Nic.

Video transcript
Exactly, stay like that and try to stretch your back and paws … always breathing eh.
Now we go down with her legs, paws and tries to stretch the neck up, as you can … so, very good. Up, up, up, up.
Back down now, the neck relax him … and we turn your head slowly to the left, so in order to relax the muscles of the neck … ok breathe, take a deep breath.
Perfect now back to its original position trying to stretch out on … and move slowly to the right with the neck, trying to relax the muscles of the neck.
Well, now straight ahead, breathe, breathe, breathe, try to widen your ears … perfect.
Now the head slightly to the right and to the left slowly.
OK, now let’s try to stretch the neck forward and we rise with the body, trying to relax as much as possible the throat and neck muscles … so, perfect.
OK, now let’s go down and we’re over. You’re good Panchino.

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