Image: Gigapan explore brilliant gigapixel+ panoramas from around the globe

GigaPan Uploader is a free software tool designed to prepare a panorama for and upload it to our servers. The uploader works with panoramas from any source, whether or not taken with an actual GigaPan device.
GigaPan Stitcher is a free, easy-to-use application which assembles the hundreds (or thousands) of pictures taken by the GigaPan device into a single, very large panoramic image with minimal assistance from the user.


Three years ago, Randy Sargent left his job with NASA to invent a camera system he believed would revolutionize the way people

The systems – created by Carnegie Mellon, NASA, Google, Charmed Labs and the local Web site design company DeepLocal – enable users to take a standard digital camera and create a panorama that can be explored by anyone with an Internet connection.
Gigapan stands for gigapixel panorama. It is composed of billions of pixels, the smallest elements of an image displayed on a computer monitor or television screen.
The photos are downloaded to a computer and free software “stitches” them together into one large image — a Gigapan. The process can take several hours depending on the size of the image.
Once the image is assembled, it can be posted on the Gigapan Web site
users around the world can explore the image, zooming in to reveal tiny details.
Although Gigapans are useful for scientific purposes, they also enable users to take fun photographs. In one image, eight college students took advantage of the time it takes the Gigapan motor to move through a scene. They moved with the camera. Instead of eight students, almost 100 appear to be in the panorama.



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