Car wash. Tre belle ragazze non vedono l’ora di lavare la tua auto …

Car wash. Three beautiful girls can’t wait to wash your car…
Fabulous striptease, is special, has an incredible surprise for everyone .. is here

                                 The Carwash Go Car wash, click image /  Clicca la foto per il Car wash

The Carwash was phenomenally successful. The site received over 10 million unique visitors in the first year and over 15 million in total. Plus, it was referenced on more than 60,000 sites.
Users can insert command to type in instructions, they can see the girls “obey a commands” – for example, if you type in “jump” all three girls leap up in the air. Or ask them to wash the car and that’s just what you’ll get…

The Total list

“wave”, “hello”, “greetings”, “hi”, “wotcha”, “howdy”, “jump”, “leap”, “hop”, “skip”, “bounce”, “totter”, “heels”, “run”, “heels”, “dolly”, “panic”, “flee”, “tickle”, “excite”, “play”, “fiddle”, “laugh”, “giggle”, “chuckle”, “happy”, “laughter”, “smile”, “cry”, “sob”, “upset”, “unhappy”, “mewl”, “bitch”, “beg”, “beg like a dog”, “dog”, “doggy”, “hound”, “bitch”, “canine”, “heat”, “pant”, “monty python”, “monty”, “python”, “crush”, “squish”, “squash”, “trample”, “die”, “kill”, “murder”, “girl”, “sandwich”, “threesome”, “cuddle”, “huddle”, “group”, “hug”, “roast”, “robot”, “cyborg”, “machine”, “robotics”, “computer”, “suck”, “lick”, “finger”, “plum”, “plums”, “lollypop”, “sweet”, “candy”, “lollypops”, “sweets”, “pout”, “mouth”, “lips”, “love”, “jiggle”, “shake”, “wiggle”, “gyrate”, “flip”, “bird”, “minging”, “ugly”, “ripper”, “hooker”, “munter”, “moose”, “whore”, “screw”, “swear”, “slag”, “flirt”, “prick”, “tease”, “smoulder”, “sexy”, “come”, “want”, “muscle”, “strong”, “flex”, “muscleman”, “iron”, “man”, “strength”, “bulge”, “funny”, “silly”, “dance”, “david”, “brent”, “boogie”, “office”, “groove”, “party”, “lap”, “leg”, “balance”, “stand”, “over”, “trip”, “stumble”, “fall”, “collapse”, “accident”, “angry”, “smash”, “camera”, “violence”, “aggressive”, “punch”, “hit”, “knock”, “violent”, “break”, “shatter”, “cleavage”, “squeeze”, “juicy”, “fight”, “tug”, “war”, “pull”, “chicken”, “hen”, “peck”, “wedgie”, “camel”, “toe”, “hoof”, “joke”, “growler”, “fanny”, “punani”, “revenge”, “minge”, “splits”, “acrobat”, “bendy”, “agile”, “contest”, “arm”, “wrestle”, “change”, “tyre”, “fix”, “flat”, “wheel”, “mend”, “repair”, “pissed”, “drunk”, “legless”, “booze”, “alcohol”, “steaming”, “wasted”, “bolloxed”, “chav”, “asbo”, “drink”, “spank”, “punish”, “naughty”, “kinky”, “peach”, “slap”, “bad”, “pat”, “kiss”, “snog”, “make”, “frenchie”, “french”, “tongue”, “gay”, “lesbian”, “bum”, “arse”, “ass”, “hotpants”, “shorts”, “hot”, “pants”, “behind”, “sugar”, “exhaust”, “keys”, “drop”, “saucy”, “bend”, “stoop”, “sauciness”, “breast”, “massage”, “feel”, “fondle”, “grope”, “boobs”, “undress”, “flash”, “melons”, “jugs”, “kit”, “tits”, “bra”, “hooter”, “hooters”, “orgasm”, “cum”, “climax”, “moan”, “writhe”, “car”, “hammer”, “total”, “wreck”, “destroy”, “scrap”, “smash”, “attack”, “crash”, “news”, “paper”, “easy”, “read”, “relax”, “page”, “3”, “fuck”, “shag”, “back”, “seat”, “get it on”, “love”, “bang”, “dirty”, “drive”, “sex”, “banana”, “fruit”, “job”, “blow”, “hummer”, “head”, “taste”, “dick”, “chew”, “bite”, “stocking”, “lingerie”, “underwear”, “angel”, “suspenders”, “knickers”, “strip”, “fashion”, “slave”, “groom”, “spread”, “flange”, “wax”, “detail”, “bonnet”, “hood”, “fender”, “polish”, “shine”, “shammy”, “headlight”, “bumper”, “plate”, “buff”, “lather”, “soap”, “bubbles”, “bubbly”, “suds”, “bucket”, “sponge”, “wash”, “clean”, “rinse”, “valet”, “wing”, “mirror”, “titwank”, “wank”, “wet”, “shirt”, “competition”, “spray”, “soak”, “tim”, “watering”, “tee”, “rub”, “slick”, “baby”, “oil”, “water”, “pistol”, “shower”, “spray”, “pose”, “display”, “sexy”, “fit”, “yoga”, “pilates”, “stretch”, “exercise”, “gym”, “bootie”, “shake”, “grind”, “work”, “legs”, “thighs”, “lube”, “extra”, “funbags”, “bury”, “dyke”, “puppies”, “airbags”, “airbag”, “nuzzle”, “photo”, “snap”, “model”, “shoot”, “lens”, “lense”, “glamour”, “picture”, “perform”, “beach”, “ball”, “pig”, “middle”, “throw”, “catch”, “limbo”, “lads”, “floor”, “pussy”, “open”, “boot”, “herbie”, “alive”, “scare”, “randy”, “lucky”, “auto”, “foam”, “soapy”, “cheeky”, “minx”, “naked”, “cherry”, “cherries”, “feed”, “munch”, “sauce”, “give”, “number”, “write”, “date”, “fancy”, “top”, “gear”, “jeremy”, “clarkson”, “magazine”, “letch”, “perv”, “harass”, “stalk”, “stalker”, “dildo”, “cunt”, “anal”, “dildo”, “penis”, “piss”, “shit”, “golden”

Italian version
Car wash. Tre belle ragazze non vedono l’ora di lavare la tua auto … (comandi in inglese)
Per non farci mancare niente, ecco un favoloso striptease interattivo lo trovi qui

Gli utenti possono inserire il comando per il tipo di istruzioni, si possono vedere le ragazze “obbedire a un comando” – per esempio se si digita “saltare” tutte e tre le ragazze saltare in aria. Oppure chiedere loro di lavare l’auto, che è proprio quello che otterrete …
Questi alcuni comandi da provare:
… Vedi sopra la lista totale

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